learn how to sing and play any melody that you hear

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Use numbers to break down melodies so that you have a concrete tool and systematic approach to songwriting

Uncover patterns throughout a song so that you can see melodic motifs

Study Lady Gaga’s ‘Million Reasons’ as an example for writing your own catchy hooks


Mary Alouette AKA Alarke’s favorite performances include: the Rainbow Room, Blues Alley, Strathmore, Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, the Apollo Theater, the National Anthem for the Baltimore Orioles and the Washington Nationals, and live film scoring at Nitehawk Cinema.

She studied piano and percussion and recorded hip hop and jazz albums in Cuba, studied Gypsy jazz vocals and guitar in a French Romani Gypsy caravan, worked as an audio engineer in New York City, and studied and performed opera in Austria and Italy. She received a B. Music in classical voice from the Schulich School of Music at McGill University.

Her four electronic and jazz albums have won the Grand Prize in the Washington Area Music Association’s Songwriting Competition, New Artist of the Year, and Best Debut Album. She was an Artist-in-Residence at Strathmore and with the Brooklyn Arts Council.

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"I wrote songs as a hobby when I was in my late teens and early 20s. I came back to it much later on with Mary’s help. The list goes on in terms of what she’s able to bring to the table with her mentorship and instruction.

It’s been an incredible experience. Every day we’re learning something new, it’s relaxed, there’s a tremendous amount of support, it’s a very positive environment… Just listening to the songs come to life has just been absolutely inspirational.
- Lee A.

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"I came to Mary as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who wanted help with singing/vocals. A few things were apparent from the beginning: she is a creative, patient, yet demanding teacher with a razor-sharp ear and an endless bag of similes, metaphors, and visual and mental techniques to get across the point she's trying to explain (which is all aimed at coaxing the best out of you in each lesson).

I've had many music teachers over the years, and it is rare to find one who combines vast knowledge of music theory and the fundamentals/techniques of their particular instrument with the ability to translate and teach all of this effectively. Mary is exactly this type of teacher.

I also appreciate that her passion and enthusiasm for music and creativity practically oozes out of her pores, and in the year+ that we've been working together she's challenged me to not only improve my vocals but develop my songwriting skills using Logic. I recommend Mary without qualification to anyone from the casual singer/strummer to the advanced musician or studio geek who wants to up their game to the next level." - Jon J.